• Industrial Power sources in India
  • List of major organizations in India
  • Stock Exchanges in India
  • Power Production Centres in India
  • List of Public Sector Industries
  • List of Industries & Its place
  • Import Export in India
  • Industries in Gujarat
  • Various Industrial Organization in Gujarat
  • Import Export in Gujarat
  • Planning in Indian Economy
  • Various Tax details in India
  • Details about national Income
  • Security press, printing & Coin Minting in India
  • Share market moderators
  • Important facts of Indian Economy
  • Planning in Indian Economy including Five Year Plan
  • Various facts of Economy in Gujarati – 1
  • India’s Union Budget 2014-15
  • All about e-Governance in Gujarati
  • Govt. Of India Schemes for Employment
  • India’s Union Budget 2016-17
  • All about Good’s and Service Tax (GST) in Gujarati
  • India’s Union Budget 2017-18
  • Gujarat State Budget 2017-18
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