Balsrushti December – 2020 By Education Department | Government of Gujarat

 Balsrushti December – 2020 By Education Department | Government of Gujarat


Balshrusti is special magazine for children By Education Department | Government of Gujarat. In
Magazine  story, comics, saga, science, Tact story, children poem,
children plays-mono acts, inspiration events,Image, dignitaries. In Magazine
Ripple of laughter, mathematics, joke, linguistic games, Knowledge beam. This
articles shall be useful for children’s self-study.

The Balshrusti included articles shall included to improve quality of
primary education and increase Academic readiness of teacher.  Gujarat
Primary Education Board, Gandhinagar was published to every month. Many people
shall like it, share it. children, man, woman will read it or say other for
read. Gujarat Primary Education Board’s  Main Goal was children learn very
enjoy. Book is very inserting many story , saga, many joke . Book saw a funny
picture. Gujarati people say to balshursti is useful for many help. now
available in PDF format.

 Its available magazine December 2012 to till now day. few year ago this
book was published. In short time its very popular. Children will read it.
Children saw very nicely. Its say to every children take to me or read me. I am
very happy. it has give very nice write a poem by children in many language as
like Hindi , Gujarati, English. This magazine is useful for every teacher,
children general knowledge. every month published by Gujarat Primary Education
. Now day Mr. Narendra Modi who is our Prime minister was published brail
books. Balshursti shall most beautiful book for children.

Balshrusti  Magazine 

December   – 2020

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